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Upcoming Events

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

9:30 am: Worship service
11:00 am: Sunday School and Catechism
11:00 am: Adult Sunday School
4:00 pm: Choir
5:00 pm: Worship service
6:30 pm: Sing-A-Long

Monday, February 26th, 2018

7:00 pm: Bell Choir

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

9:15 am: Tuesday A.M. Ladies Bible Study

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

7:00 pm: Kingdom Seekers
7:00 pm: Cadets
7:00 pm: Men's Bible Class

Sermon TitleSermon DateListen Now
Pray Practicing Rightousness02/25/2018Download
Preparations for the Crucifixion of Christ02/25/2018Download
The Great Healer02/18/2018Download
Making All Things New02/18/2018Download
Sinful Shepards Condemned02/11/2018Download
The Day of Wrath02/11/2018Download
The Second Coming of Christ02/04/2018Download
Sanctify the Sabbath01/28/2018Download
The Authority of the State01/28/2018Download
Eat the Bread of Life01/21/2018Download
The LORD01/21/2018Download
The Gospel Call01/14/2018Download
Christ's Ascension01/14/2018Download
Partake by Faith01/07/2018Download
The New Jerusalem01/07/2018Download
The Offices of Christ12/31/2017Download
The Real New Year12/31/2017Download
His Name was called Jesus12/25/2017Download
Our Bright Morning Star12/24/2017Download
Performed According to the LAW12/24/2017Download
The Law of the First Born12/17/2017Download
The Rising of the Sun of Righteousness~Rev. Dick12/17/2017Download
Christ's Circumcision12/10/2017Download
The Everlasting Covenant12/10/2017Download
The Suffering Servant Exalted12/03/2017Download
Baptism's Old Testament Roots12/03/2017Download
The Silent Lamb11/26/2017Download
Internal Baptism11/26/2017Download
Pray with Thanks11/23/2017Download
God's Power on Display11/19/2017Download
Praise the Lord, Our Eternal King11/19/2017Download
Our Suffering Servant11/12/2017Download
Table Fellowship11/12/2017Download
Our Command to Depart11/05/2017Download
Real Members of the CHURCH11/05/2017Download
Your God Reigns10/29/2017Download
Sealed By the Sacraments10/29/2017Download
Comforts Reality10/22/2017Download
Administer Church Discipline10/22/2017Download
The Secret oof the Christian Life10/15/2017Download
Kingdom Covenant10/15/2017Download
Are You Listening?10/08/2017Download
Church Discipline210/08/2017Download
The Suffering Servant Restores10/01/2017Download
Church Discipline10/01/2017Download
Are You Frosaken?09/24/2017Download
Regulating our Lives 209/24/2017Download
The Light of the World 209/17/2017Download
Regulations for Christian Living09/17/2017Download
The Light of the World09/10/2017Download
The Office of Deacon09/10/2017Download
The Unfaithful People of God09/03/2017Download
Male and Female09/03/2017Download
The Judgement of God08/27/2017Download
The Marks of a True Christian08/27/2017Download
Jesus Reviews the Report of the 70~Rev. Vander Har08/20/2017Download
Worship God's Name in Spirit and Truth~Rev. Vander08/20/2017Download
Carried by God08/13/2017Download
The Potter of God's People08/06/2017Download
The Sacraments Properly Administered08/06/2017Download
Our God the Deliverer07/30/2017Download
Describing Disciples of Jesus Christ07/30/2017Download
Truth-Telling and Unity~Dr. Strange07/23/2017Download
Forgiveness~Dr. Strange07/23/2017Download
The Forgiver of SINS07/16/2017Download
The Preaching of the Word07/16/2017Download
Bind Yourself to the Church07/09/2017Download
1 Peter 3~Tad Groenendyk07/02/2017Download
Philipians 4:19~Rev. Kelderman07/02/2017Download
The Best Invitation06/25/2017Download
The Holy Catholic Church06/25/2017Download
The Incredible Journey06/18/2017Download
The Coming of the Holy Spirit~Rev. Renkema06/04/2017Download
A Spirit-Filled Church~Rev. Renkema06/04/2017Download
THE GREAT I AM05/28/2017Download
The End of the Law05/28/2017Download
Your Acended King05/25/2017Download
Recognize God's Amazing Love05/21/2017Download
That They All May Be One~Rev. Dick05/21/2017Download
The True Church05/14/2017Download
Servent Faith05/14/2017Download
The Failure of the Church05/07/2017Download
The Servant of the LORD04/30/2017Download
Imputed Rightousness04/30/2017Download
God's Chosen Vessel04/23/2017Download
Noah: A Hero of Faith04/23/2017Download
Ressurection Realities04/16/2017Download
Your Justification by Faith04/16/2017Download
Christ's One Sacrifice04/14/2017Download
Our Prophet God04/09/2017Download
The High Priest's Satisfaction04/09/2017Download
Our Reliable God04/02/2017Download
The Fulfiller of Justice and Mercy04/02/2017Download
How Are You Marked?~Mr. Stoffregen03/26/2017Download
Tick-Tock~Mr. Stoffregen03/26/2017Download
In, but Not of the World03/19/2017Download
When Everything Becomes Nothing03/19/2017Download
Inside/Outside 1a03/13/2017Download
Inside/Outside 1b03/13/2017Download
Inside/Outside 2a03/13/2017Download
Inside/Outside 2b03/13/2017Download
Renew Your Strength03/12/2017Download
The Necessity of Christ's Divinity03/12/2017Download
Consider Critical Questions03/05/2017Download
The Incarnation of Jesus Christ03/05/2017Download
Trust in God Alone02/26/2017Download
The Recovery of Fallen Man02/26/2017Download
Bring Glad Tidings02/19/2017Download
The Elect02/19/2017Download
The Glory of the LORD02/12/2017Download
Overcome Original Sin02/12/2017Download
Christ with us Always~Dr. Kelderman02/05/2017Download
316~ Mr. Stoffregen02/05/2017Download
An Ancient Feud Flares Up!~T. Groenendyk01/29/2017Download
Hope for the End of Time~T. Groenendyk01/29/2017Download
Seeing Christ We See the Father~Dr. Kelderman01/22/2017Download
The Magnetism of Grace~Dr. Barrett01/22/2017Download
The Privilege of Disciples01/15/2017Download
The Year of God's Favor01/15/2017Download
The Holy LORD01/08/2017Download
Our Depraved Nature01/08/2017Download
Prepare to Die01/01/2017Download
Prepare to Die01/01/2017Download
Celebrate the Birth of Jesus12/25/2016Download
Newborn Priorities for the Son of God12/25/2016Download
Sing the Song of Mary12/18/2016Download
Jesus the King12/18/2016Download
The Love Song of Elizabeth12/11/2016Download
Lord's Day 9~Paul Freswick12/04/2016Download
The Conception of Jesus12/04/2016Download
The Preparer for the Lord11/27/2016Download
God Establishes His People~Rev. Green11/27/2016Download
Giving Thanks11/24/2016Download
The Guard of the Garden11/20/2016Download
Love Your Enemies11/20/2016Download
And They Lived Happliy Ever After~Mr. Stoffregen11/13/2016Download
Why Do We Press On?~Rev. Kelderman11/13/2016Download
Perfectly Created11/06/2016Download
Be Filled with the Spirit11/06/2016Download
Don't Blame God10/30/2016Download
The Thousand Year Reign10/30/2016Download
God's Sovereign Will10/23/2016Download
Stewards of the King~Paul Freswick10/23/2016Download
The Vision of Dry Bones~Rev. Vanden Heuvel10/16/2016Download
Fishers of Men~Rev. Vanden Heuvel10/16/2016Download
The Son is Superior to Angels10/09/2016Download
God's Sword of Judgement10/09/2016Download
Discern the Dangers of Demons10/02/2016Download
Ask Your Fathers and Elders10/02/2016Download
Created to Give Glory09/25/2016Download
Baptize Your Children09/25/2016Download
Out of the Shadows, Into the Light~T Groenendyk09/18/2016Download
God's Rich Mercy~T Groenendyk09/18/2016Download
Recognize the Rescuer09/11/2016Download
God the Spirit09/04/2016Download
Reject Modern Myths09/04/2016Download
The Son is God08/28/2016Download
A Son is Born08/28/2016Download
The First Person of the Trinity08/21/2016Download
God Reveals Himself08/14/2016Download
The Close Relative Redeemer08/14/2016Download
No Way Out~Rev. Macleod08/07/2016Download
I was Blind, but Now I See~Rev. Macleod08/07/2016Download
What is Repentance~T. Groenendyk07/31/2016Download
Judgement Fall Upon the Philistines~T. Groenedyk07/31/2016Download
Our Only True God07/24/2016Download
The Foundation of Faith07/24/2016Download
The Kinsman Redeemer Acts07/17/2016Download
The Sufficiency of Scripture07/17/2016Download
Believe the Word07/10/2016Download
Two Ways and One Judge~P. Freswick07/10/2016Download
The Inerrant Word07/03/2016Download
Prayer for Christian Maturity~Rev. Vanden Heuvel06/26/2016Download
The Garden of the Heart~T. Groenendyk06/26/2016Download
God's Love for Us~Rev. Renkema06/19/2016Download
Unity in a Divided World~Rev. Renkema06/19/2016Download
Heralds of the Word of Life~Rev. Green06/12/2016Download
The Kinsman Redeemer06/12/2016Download
The Word of God06/05/2016Download
The Beginning of Wisdom06/05/2016Download
The House of David Restored05/29/2016Download
Two Books of Revelation05/22/2016Download
Under the Lord's Wings05/22/2016Download
Understand Propitiation05/15/2016Download
Believe the Promise05/15/2016Download
Those Forgiven Much, Love Much05/08/2016Download
On Trial for Christ05/08/2016Download
The Attributes of God05/01/2016Download
Under the LORD'S Wings05/01/2016Download
The Attributes of God04/24/2016Download
Profess Your Faith04/24/2016Download
Rejoice in the Lord Always~T. Groenendyk04/17/2016Download
The Living Word~T. Groenendyk04/17/2016Download
The Only True GOD04/10/2016Download
Returning to the LORD04/10/2016Download
Testify with Heart and Tongue04/03/2016Download
Under the Lord's Wings When Empty04/03/2016Download
His Glorious Apperance03/27/2016Download
Take the Road of Understanding03/27/2016Download
Jesus, Death AND03/25/2016Download
The Tragic Entry03/20/2016Download
Education in the Lord03/20/2016Download
The Look of Jesus03/13/2016Download
Our Lives in the Hands of God~Rev Lubbers03/13/2016Download
Rejecting Jesus03/06/2016Download
Submit to Governing Authorities03/06/2016Download
The Prayer of Jesus02/28/2016Download
Avoid Detestable Practices02/28/2016Download
Greetings in the Lord02/21/2016Download
Give Thanks for Your Deliverance02/21/2016Download
The Better Promises02/14/2016Download
People in the Church02/07/2016Download
Our Daily Bread02/07/2016Download
Tactics for Tactfulness01/31/2016Download
Knowing God's Will01/31/2016Download
Don't Reject the Gospel01/24/2016Download
The Coming of the Kingdom01/24/2016Download
Assured of God's Love~Mr. Vreugdenhil01/17/2016Download
Anoited with the Holy Spirit~Mr Vreugdenhil01/17/2016Download
Continue in Prayer01/10/2016Download
Our LORD'S Hallowed Name01/10/2016Download
God Ordered Authority01/03/2016Download
The Many Sides of Stealing01/03/2016Download
The Messianic Kingdom12/31/2015Download
Babylon, MI 4951912/27/2015Download
Don't Do Your Own Thing12/27/2015Download
Our Prince of Peace12/25/2015Download
The Lord Conquers the Heart~Tad Groenendyk12/20/2015Download
A Divine Journey to Jerusalem~Tad Groenendyk12/20/2015Download
Call Him Almighty God12/13/2015Download
Call Him Everlasting Father12/13/2015Download
Pray to God the Father12/06/2015Download
Pray Continually11/29/2015Download
Bibilical Submission11/29/2015Download
Blessed Commands11/22/2015Download
Getting the Gospel Wrong is Worse than Death~Rev. 11/15/2015Download
How can We Know the Gospel is True?~Rev. De Boer11/15/2015Download
Our New Man11/08/2015Download
Uncontrolled Adultery11/08/2015Download
The Old Man's Members 211/01/2015Download
The Old Man's Members10/25/2015Download
Eyes That See!~Rev. Zekveld10/25/2015Download
Jesus Doesn't Trust You10/18/2015Download
Godly Meditation10/11/2015Download
Honor Your Parents10/11/2015Download
Obey Only CHRIST10/04/2015Download
Respect God's Property10/04/2015Download
Christ: The Substance of the Sabbaths09/27/2015Download
Our Pattern of Worship09/27/2015Download
Christ: The Substance of the Feasts09/20/2015Download
Worship the LORD09/20/2015Download
Move from the Shadow to Substance09/13/2015Download
True Repentance09/13/2015Download
Persevere in the Truth09/06/2015Download
Renew the Covenant09/06/2015Download
Your Call to Perserver08/30/2015Download
The Keys of the Kingdom08/30/2015Download
Paul's Apostolic Minister08/23/2015Download
Profess Your Faith in Christ08/23/2015Download
Your Relationship with God08/16/2015Download
Christ's Broken Body and Shed Blood08/16/2015Download
God Unfolds His Plan08/09/2015Download
Blessed are the Pure in Heart08/09/2015Download
Confidence for the Future08/02/2015Download
Drawing Near to God08/02/2015Download
Reconciled by Redemption07/26/2015Download
Real Circumcision07/26/2015Download
Participate in the Lord's Supper07/19/2015Download
Head of the Body07/19/2015Download
Your Baptism07/12/2015Download
The Son and Creation07/12/2015Download
Autonomous Pride07/05/2015Download
Godly Generosity06/28/2015Download
Sweet Odor of Prayer06/28/2015Download
Give Thanks06/21/2015Download
The Branches of the Vine06/21/2015Download
Pray for Believers06/14/2015Download
The Gist of Justification06/14/2015Download
The Supremacy of Christ~Rev. Vanden Heuvel06/07/2015Download
Pray for Christians05/31/2015Download
True Faith05/31/2015Download
Give Thanks05/24/2015Download
Our Spiritual Bodies05/24/2015Download
Participating Membership05/17/2015Download
Pentecost Advent~Rev. Vanden Heuvel05/17/2015Download
Jesus Christ is Gone05/14/2015Download
Pray for One Another05/10/2015Download
The People of God05/10/2015Download
Remembering Prisoners~Rev. Brummel05/03/2015Download
Dwelling with your Wife Acocording to Knowledge~Re05/03/2015Download
The Christian's Prayer04/26/2015Download
God's Expectations04/26/2015Download
The Blessings of God 04/19/2015Download
God the Holy Spirit04/19/2015Download
The Blessing of God04/12/2015Download
The Coming Judge04/12/2015Download
Believe the Witnesses of the Resurection04/05/2015Download
The Significant Search04/05/2015Download
Crucified With Christ04/03/2015Download
The Benefits of Death03/29/2015Download
Blessing from the Lord03/29/2015Download
High Priestly Holiness03/22/2015Download
The Storm Gathers03/22/2015Download
The Curse of the Cross03/15/2015Download
The Kingdom of God03/15/2015Download
Justice Satisfied03/08/2015Download
The Anointed's Replacement03/08/2015Download
The Sent Son03/01/2015Download
The Anointed's Antagonist03/01/2015Download
The Son of the Father02/22/2015Download
The Anointed's Affliction02/22/2015Download
Christians Confess Christ02/15/2015Download
The Anointed's True Repentance02/15/2015Download
The Axehead02/08/2015Download
The Prophet's Power of Perception02/08/2015Download
JESUS: All or Nothing02/01/2015Download
Be Content with Providence01/25/2015Download
The Anointed's Great Sin01/25/2015Download
The People of God01/18/2015Download
Shun Supernaturalizm01/18/2015Download
Be Doers of the Word01/11/2015Download
The Creator of the Worlds01/11/2015Download
Receive the Word01/04/2015Download
The Duty to Know an Exalted God01/04/2015Download
Your Past, Present, and Future01/01/2015Download
Our Word of Hope12/31/2014Download
Be Confident Because of God's Purpose12/28/2014Download
The Holy Spirit12/28/2014Download
Jesus Saves HIS PEOPLE from their Sin12/25/2014Download
JESUS Saves His People from their Sin12/21/2014Download
The Lord Conquers the Enemies of His People12/21/2014Download
Jesus Saves His People FROM THEIR SINS12/14/2014Download
Jesus SAVES His People from Thier Sin12/14/2014Download
The Fountian of Eternal Life~Rev. Langendoen12/07/2014Download
His Delight is in the Law of God~Rev.Langendoen12/07/2014Download
The Fall of Man11/30/2014Download
The House of God11/30/2014Download
Providence and Stewardship11/27/2014Download
Your Misery11/23/2014Download
The Anointed Brings the Ark to Jeruslem11/23/2014Download
Pardon for the Penniless~A Warner11/16/2014Download
The Wealthy Woman's Reward~A Warner11/16/2014Download
You Belong11/09/2014Download
The Anointed Conqures11/09/2014Download
Our Better Place11/02/2014Download
The Anointed is Anointed11/02/2014Download
Eternal Life10/26/2014Download
The Anointed's Failures10/26/2014Download
The Fellowship of Faith10/19/2014Download
Learning to Trust the Lord10/19/2014Download
Our Preservation10/12/2014Download
The Anointed Protects the King10/12/2014Download
The Irresistable Grace of the LORD10/05/2014Download
The Rock of Escape10/05/2014Download
Total Depravity09/28/2014Download
Covenant Action09/28/2014Download
Clarify Communion Confusions09/21/2014Download
Receiving and Rejecting the Anointed King09/21/2014Download
The Healing Power of the Word of God~Rev. Vanden H09/14/2014Download
The Victorious Reign of Christ~Rev. Vanden Heuvel09/14/2014Download
Particular Atonement09/07/2014Download
The Anointed One Conquers09/07/2014Download
Unconditional Election08/31/2014Download
The Anointed One Conquers08/31/2014Download
The Spirit of the LORD08/24/2014Download
Pray for Victory08/24/2014Download
The Anointed One08/17/2014Download
Pray for Forgiveness08/17/2014Download
Prepared for Touble08/10/2014Download
Godly Stewards08/10/2014Download
Caring for the Cargivers~Rev. Johnson08/03/2014Download
What Have I Ever Done To You~Rev. Johnson08/03/2014Download
The Church Gathered and Guarded07/27/2014Download
A Lesson in Prayer07/27/2014Download
The Great Commission~Rev. Green07/20/2014Download
Complete Your Calling07/20/2014Download
Pray for Daily Bread07/13/2014Download
Godly Contentment07/13/2014Download
Pray for God's Will07/06/2014Download
How to Live in a Fallen World07/06/2014Download
Pray for the Father's Kingdom06/29/2014Download
God's Will and Medicine06/29/2014Download
Hallow God's Name06/22/2014Download
Office Bearers of Christ06/22/2014Download
Our Heavenly Father06/15/2014Download
Learned Tounges nad Ears~Rev. Doll06/15/2014Download
The Wisdom of the Lord~Rev. Smith06/08/2014Download
Anger in Proverbs~Rev. Smith06/08/2014Download
Prayer's Essential Elements06/01/2014Download
Instructions for Widows06/01/2014Download
Crimes of the Heart05/25/2014Download
The Cross Crosses Generations05/25/2014Download
Christians Grow Up Together~Mr. P. Austin05/18/2014Download
Spiritual Optimism~Mr. P. Austin05/18/2014Download
Obeying the Law of Your Mother~Rev. Brummel05/11/2014Download
God Transforms a Man into a Soul Winner~Rev. Brum05/11/2014Download
Truth Trumps Tall Tails05/04/2014Download
Act Like a Family05/04/2014Download
Serving Trumps Stealing04/27/2014Download
The Pattern of Godliness04/27/2014Download
The Benefits of the Resurection04/20/2014Download
Training in Godliness04/20/2014Download
Face the Facts of Death04/18/2014Download
Hail our Conquering King04/13/2014Download
Creation's Goodness04/13/2014Download
Sexual Purity04/06/2014Download
Biblical Mystery Religion04/06/2014Download
Don't Kill03/30/2014Download
Our New Community03/30/2014Download
God's Rule in our Lives03/23/2014Download
Guidelines for Church Life03/23/2014Download
Real Rest03/16/2014Download
The Elect One~Rev. Dykstra03/16/2014Download
The Day of the Lord is Near~Rev. Admiraal03/09/2014Download
The Prisoner and the Deserter~Rev. Admiraal03/09/2014Download
Oaths Before the Lord03/02/2014Download
Tested Relationships03/02/2014Download
Speak with Reverence and Awe02/23/2014Download
Biblical Manhood02/23/2014Download
Uncompromised Truth02/16/2014Download
Stones of Rememberance02/16/2014Download
Biblical Worship02/09/2014Download
Biblical Manhood02/09/2014Download
Only One God02/02/2014Download
Biblical Womanhood02/02/2014Download
Daily Repentance01/26/2014Download
Biblical Manhood and Womanhood01/26/2014Download
The Works of Faith01/19/2014Download
God our Savior01/19/2014Download
The Keys of the Kingdom01/12/2014Download
Come to the Lord's Table01/05/2014Download
Look to the Future01/01/2014Download
Go Another Way12/31/2013Download
Essentials for Office Bearers12/29/2013Download
Holy to the Lord12/29/2013Download
The Lord Saves12/25/2013Download
The Cheif of Sinners12/22/2013Download
The Lord Saves12/15/2013Download
The Law According to the Gospel12/15/2013Download
The Geneology of Jesus12/08/2013Download
The Critical Charge12/08/2013Download
Critical Charges12/01/2013Download
Your Baptism12/01/2013Download
Avoid Neglect with Thanksgiving11/28/2013Download
Come, Sinner, Come! ~ Rev. Poelman11/24/2013Download
Strangers in the World ~ Rev. Poelman11/24/2013Download
Sacramental Language11/17/2013Download
The Lord's Supper11/10/2013Download
Divine Pastoral Advise11/10/2013Download
True Faith11/03/2013Download
Friendship of Fire11/03/2013Download
Forever Right with God10/27/2013Download
The Unbreakable Bond10/27/2013Download
Made Right with God10/20/2013Download
Fears and Facts10/20/2013Download
Eternal Life10/13/2013Download
The Bride of the Groom10/13/2013Download
Thanksgiving for God's Work in the Church10/06/2013Download
Wisdoms Cost and Reward10/06/2013Download
Premarital Problems09/29/2013Download
The Holy Spirit09/22/2013Download
Train Your Children09/22/2013Download
The Glory of Christ09/15/2013Download
Foxes in the Vinyard09/15/2013Download
The Ascension of Christ09/08/2013Download
Desire Expressed pt. 209/08/2013Download
Baptized Into His Resurrection09/01/2013Download
Desire Expressed09/01/2013Download
The Character of the Church08/25/2013Download
The Kingdom Reversal08/25/2013Download
Baptized into His Death08/18/2013Download
Worship by Giving08/18/2013Download
Blessed Assurance~Rev. Vanden Heuvel08/11/2013Download
How to be Joyful in Troubled Times~Rev. Vanden Heu08/11/2013Download
Baptized Into His Death08/04/2013Download
The Activities of Worship08/04/2013Download
The Humanity of Christ07/28/2013Download
Worship the Lord07/28/2013Download
His Very Own07/21/2013Download
The Activities of Worship07/21/2013Download
His Very Own07/14/2013Download
Ceremonial Worship07/14/2013Download
Contrasting Faiths07/07/2013Download
Ripe for Judgment07/07/2013Download
Living in Satan's Capital~Rev. Admiraal06/30/2013Download
A Man Like Us~Rev. Admiraal06/30/2013Download
Divine Hope ~ Rev. Brummel06/23/2013Download
Learning to be Content~Rev. Brummel06/23/2013Download
Profess Jesus Christ06/16/2013Download
The Sagging Wall06/16/2013Download
Profess Your Faith06/09/2013Download
Mistaken Interpretations06/09/2013Download
Properly Respond to God's Providential Acts06/02/2013Download
Eternal Optimists06/02/2013Download
God Thy Maker05/26/2013Download
Israel and America's Obituary05/26/2013Download
Our Triune God05/19/2013Download
Holy Baptism05/19/2013Download
True Faith05/12/2013Download
A Good Marriage05/12/2013Download
The Exalted Jesus05/09/2013Download
A Garden of Delight ~ Rev. Renkema05/05/2013Download
A Letter from Christ ~ Rev. Renkema05/05/2013Download
The Beloved Disciple04/28/2013Download
Our Only Mediator04/28/2013Download
Jesus Restores Peter04/21/2013Download
Holy Baptism04/21/2013Download
Jesus the Lord04/14/2013Download
Man's Deliverance04/14/2013Download
Believing In Jesus04/07/2013Download
The Justice of God04/07/2013Download
The Lord Who Rose03/31/2013Download
The Lord Who Appears03/31/2013Download
The King Who Died03/29/2013Download
Behold Your King03/24/2013Download
The Prerogatives of God's Grace03/17/2013Download
Heaven's Praise and Amen03/17/2013Download
The Innocence of Christ03/10/2013Download
The Testimony of the Law03/10/2013Download
The Trial of Jesus03/03/2013Download
The Lordship of Jesus Christ03/03/2013Download
Our Savoir's Surrender02/24/2013Download
The End is the Beginning02/24/2013Download
The End of Sorrows02/17/2013Download
Israel Meets God02/17/2013Download
The Signs of the End02/10/2013Download
The Lion of Judah02/10/2013Download
An Open Door02/03/2013Download
The Judgement of God Declared02/03/2013Download
The Authority of the State01/27/2013Download
Oppressing the Poor01/27/2013Download
The Holy Supper of Our Lord01/20/2013Download
God's Message to Israel01/20/2013Download
The Holy Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ01/13/2013Download
The Farmer for Tekoa01/13/2013Download
God's Foreknowledge and Predestination01/06/2013Download
Be Content with the Final Edition01/06/2013Download
Sojourn as Sanctified Strangers01/01/2013Download
God Ordained Authority12/30/2012Download
My Times in God's Hands~Rev. Dick12/30/2012Download
God's Sign for the Ages12/25/2012Download
Jesus: The Suffering Servant12/23/2012Download
Jesus: The First and the Last12/23/2012Download
The Light of the World12/16/2012Download
The Spiritual Reality of the Sacraments12/16/2012Download
The Comfort of the Lord12/09/2012Download
Worthy Worship12/09/2012Download
The Gifts of Service12/02/2012Download
The Worship of the Church12/02/2012Download
11-25 am11/25/2012Download
11-25 pm11/25/2012Download
The Pagan Mindset~Mr. Landazuri11/18/2012Download
A New Life~Rev. Lamme11/18/2012Download
Renew the Covenant11/11/2012Download
The Worship of the Church11/11/2012Download
The Destruction of the Lord's Enemies11/04/2012Download
Elect Office Bearers11/04/2012Download
The Promise of the Land10/28/2012Download
The Government of the Church10/28/2012Download
The Judgement of Jericho10/21/2012Download
The Marks of a Christian10/21/2012Download
Spy Out Your Land10/14/2012Download
Sacramental Signs and Seals10/14/2012Download
The Role of Prayer in Missions~Rev. Vander Pol10/11/2012Download
The Real God!10/07/2012Download
The Mark of the True Church: Discipline10/07/2012Download
Be Courageous and Strong09/30/2012Download
The Mark of the True Church: Preaching09/30/2012Download
Be Equally Yoked09/23/2012Download
Yoke Yourself to the Church09/23/2012Download
Our Righteousness09/16/2012Download
United to the Son09/16/2012Download
The Mark of Unity09/09/2012Download
The Holy Catholic Church09/09/2012Download
The Mark of Unity09/02/2012Download
Christ Our Only Mediator09/02/2012Download
The Marks of Discipleship08/26/2012Download
The New Covenant in Christ08/26/2012Download
Set Apart from the World08/19/2012Download
God's Last Works Reguarding Our Works08/19/2012Download
Satan vs. Job's God: Round Two ~Rev. Brummel08/12/2012Download
A Loving God for Us08/12/2012Download
By the Grace of God~Rev. Vander Hart08/05/2012Download
The Lord Says it With Love~Rev. Vander Hart08/05/2012Download
The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus07/29/2012Download
The Requests of Jesus07/22/2012Download
Our Good Works07/22/2012Download
The Request of Jesus for Glory07/15/2012Download
Avoid Sin's Reign07/15/2012Download
Peace During Tribulation07/08/2012Download
Renew Your Mind07/08/2012Download
Prophesises About Going to the Father07/01/2012Download
Our Holy Sacrifice07/01/2012Download
Seeking the City to Come~Rev. Knott06/24/2012Download
Keeping in God's Love~Rev. Besteman06/24/2012Download
To Live is Christ ~ Rev. Napapfour06/17/2012Download
Pursuing the Prize ~ Rev. Najapfour06/17/2012Download
Pray to the Father06/10/2012Download
Fully Justified06/10/2012Download
The Divine Holy Spirit06/03/2012Download
Another Helper05/27/2012Download
Count All A Loss05/27/2012Download
The High Priest's Satisfaction05/20/2012Download
Love One Another05/20/2012Download
Our Persection05/13/2012Download
God's Justice and Mercy05/06/2012Download
Persecuted for Christ's Sake04/29/2012Download
Two Natures in the Person of God's Son04/29/2012Download
Friends of Jesus04/22/2012Download
The Incarnation of the Son of God04/22/2012Download
Bearing Fruit04/15/2012Download
The Recovery of Fallen Man04/15/2012Download
Hope in the Resurection04/08/2012Download
The True Vine04/08/2012Download
The Kind of Humility that Produces Unity04/01/2012Download
The King's Coronation04/01/2012Download
The True Vine03/25/2012Download
Your Election03/25/2012Download
Our Helper03/04/2012Download
Adam's Fall and Our Coruption03/04/2012Download
Coming to the Father02/19/2012Download
The Binding Virtue of Love ~Rev. Vos02/19/2012Download
Examining Our Emotions ~ Rev. Smith02/12/2012Download
Be Encouraged in the LORD Your God ~Rev. Najapfour02/12/2012Download
Sacramental Activity02/05/2012Download
Our Failure and Our Future02/05/2012Download
Love One Another01/29/2012Download
The Power of Providence01/29/2012Download
Wash Feet01/22/2012Download
The Creation of Angels01/22/2012Download
The Night He was Betrayed01/15/2012Download
God Created01/15/2012Download
Being Washed by Jesus01/08/2012Download
The Holy Spirit01/08/2012Download
The Priorities of Office01/01/2012Download
Christian Confidence ~Rev. Postma01/01/2012Download
Sing the Song of Simeon12/31/2011Download
The Law of the Firstborn12/25/2011Download
The Crisis after Christmas12/25/2011Download
Jesus and the Law12/18/2011Download
Jesus Calls Us Brothers12/18/2011Download
Focus on Jesus12/11/2011Download
Jesus the Son of God12/11/2011Download
Jesus: The Glorious Sent Light12/04/2011Download
The Truth of the Trinity12/04/2011Download
Blind to Jesus11/27/2011Download
Hold to the Teaching of Jesus11/27/2011Download
The Day of Atonement ~ Rev. Postma11/20/2011Download
How do I Wait for the King's Return ~Rev. Postma11/20/2011Download
Lifted Up11/13/2011Download
Regulated Worship11/13/2011Download
True Seers11/06/2011Download
The Purpose of the Word11/06/2011Download
The Ascent of the Messiah10/30/2011Download
God's Special Revelation10/30/2011Download
The Critical Week~Rev. Freswick10/23/2011Download
A Father's Words of Wisdom ~Rev. Freswick10/23/2011Download
The Father's Ransom~Rev. Postma10/16/2011Download
Growing God's Kingdom ~Rev. Postma10/16/2011Download
The Planning of Christ's Death10/09/2011Download
The Way, The Truth, and The Life ~ Rev. Knott10/09/2011Download
Beacon October 201110/03/2011Download
Ressurection Life ~ Rev. Freswick10/02/2011Download
The Word of God ~ Rev. Freswick10/02/2011Download
Teenage Nonconformity to Antichrist ~ Rev. Brumme09/25/2011Download
A Vision of Jehovah's Awesome Glory ~ Rev. Brummel09/25/2011Download
Your Benefits in Christ ~ Rev. Freswick09/18/2011Download
General Revelation ~ Rev. Freswick09/18/2011Download
The Resurection and the Life ~ Rev. Freswick09/11/2011Download
The Believer Portrayed ~ Rev. Besteman09/04/2011Download

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